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Ep 9: Becoming a Master Builder with Randall Wilson II

In this episode, my guest is Randall Wilson II. I found the title 'Becoming a Master Builder' fitting for this episode because he is well on his way to achieving Lego Master Builder status (which we'll get into on the show), he build brands, has a background in architecture, manages a design team at Capital One and is a co-founder of the Hue Design Summit. I'll seek his wisdom, observations, challenges, and advice on how to execute a vision from the designer's lens.

Ep 9: Becoming a Master Builder with Randall Wilson II


Randall Wilson II

Randall Wilson is a User Experience Manager on the Messaging.xd team at Capital One, where he's been since 2011. An Atlanta native, Randall is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology where he majored in Architecture while starting down the path of graphic and interface design. He's a co-founder of the Hue Design Summit, an annual unconference experience for black designers, as well as a co-founder of Most Incredible, a hip-hop LEGO venture with hip hop archivist Syreeta Gates.

In his spare time, some of his hobbies include collecting vinyl and retro video games, listening to Japanese jazz, funk, soul, and city pop from the 70's and 80's, bowling, traveling, and playing with LEGO, a pastime that spans 30 years. Randall currently resides in Chicago, IL.


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