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Ep 6: Amazing Design People List with Felix Lee

In this episode, my guest Felix Lee. He is the creator of the Amazing Design People List that was started in March amidst the global pandemic of COVID-19. It has grown from a mere spreadsheet to a global movement of over 4,000 designers and 300 plus mentors.

Ep 6: Amazing Design People List with Felix Lee


Felix Lee

I am a product designer who believes that design should be purposeful, functional and harmonious to its original intention. My purpose is to constantly reinvent the way we experience the world and beyond.

Currently, I help clients worldwide grow by designing impactful products people love. Previously, I co-founded Packdat (acq’d) and led design at Passpod ($IPO).

I’ve worked with —
Gotrade (YC S19), Capture (Antler), Eatsy ($1M raised), Knowledgehook ($2.6M raised) and more.

As a creative thinker, I envision of building product(s) that create the greatest, lasting impact in the world.

My curiosity and creative spirit led me to Silicon Valley and Indonesia to seek global learning and perspective. I am featured on Vulcan Post, Straits Time, TODAY, Tech in Asia, Teenage Magazine and more.

If you're looking for a designer you can trust, I'd love to collaborate with you.


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